Please note that the HIPE training provided by the HPO is limited to personnel involved in HIPE clinical coding in the Irish hospital system, whereby clinical coders are nominated to attend the courses by their hospitals.

Please click "Select" on the course you wish to apply for:

Coding Skills I08/05/2019 Select2 DaysHPO
Coding Skills III14/05/2019 Full3 DaysHPO
Coding Skills IV: Ophthamology21/05/2019 Select1 DayHPO
Anatomy & Physiology - Introduction to A&P (AM)22/05/2019 Select2 HoursWebex / HPO
Anatomy & Physiology - Circulatory System (PM)22/05/2019 Select2 HoursWebex / HPO
Coding Skills IV: Endoscopies29/05/2019 Select2.5 HoursWebex
HIPE Portal Reporter Training - Part 1 (AM)30/05/2019 Select2 hrsWebEx only
HIPE Portal Reporter Training - Part 2 (PM)30/05/2019 Select2 hrsWebEx only
Coding Skills II11/06/2019 Select3 DaysHPO
Anatomy & Physiology - Neuro/Endocrine System20/06/2019 Select2 HoursHPO / Webex
Anatomy & Physiology - Haematology20/06/2019 Select2 HoursHPO / Webex
Coding Skills IV - Z Codes02/07/2019 Select1 DayHPO
Coding Skills III13/08/2019 Select3 DaysHPO